Make It YOUR Park with a 2024 Valleyfair Silver Pass

Top 5 Reasons the Silver Pass is For You!

May 10, 2024

Your friends say you are the one always looking for the best deal—your pocketbook says the same. In honor of you, Valleyfair created their valuable Silver Pass. Look at these top 5 reasons why this season pass is so awesome!

1. Get the most visits at the best price!

The Silver Pass is the least expensive season pass. In fact, the Silver Pass pays for itself in less

than two visits.

2. Unlimited visits to the park*!

With a Silver Pass you get unlimited summer and fall daytime visits. The only thing Silver does

not include is ValleyScare--you need a Gold Pass for that hauntingly good fun.

3. Best perks in town!

Free parking, 10% discount on food and merchandise, Bring-A-Friend discounts, and pass perks

rewards. Plus, 2 FREE Pre-K Passes!

4. Incredible Special Events*!

Beyond the rides, there is an entire line-up of can’t-miss events like Star Spangled Night, Latin

Days, Corn Fest, and Tricks and Treats.

5. More Value with All Season Add-Ons!

Save even more with their All Season Dining Plan, All Season Drink Plans, and All Season Fast


Get your summer plans started with the Silver Pass today!

*Excludes ValleyScare.