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LFCS class offerings is everchanging!

By Arianna Larson April 5, 2024

Little Falls Community Services class listings are added directly to their website as the come up with the classes, no need to wait for a catalog anymore! You will want to check this site early and often to find the classes that fit you, your child(ren)’s, and/or your family’s interests and schedule best. Read on to see just a handful of their current class offerings.


Instructional Swimming

Little Falls Community Services swimming classes offer programs designed to teach individuals swimming techniques to feel safe in the water. We offer a variety of levels, starting at the basics and going all the way into Lifeguard and Water Safety Instruction training. We even have lessons for individuals with special needs or fear of the water on a one-on-one private basis. These classes are designed for students who would benefit from one-on-one instruction. This could include students who need additional instruction time, students with disabilities, students who have a difficult time in a group setting, or adult swimmers.

Sessions are one week long each (Mon - Thurs) and start the week of May 6th!



Put me in, coach! Little Falls Community Services baseball programs are offered for kids from Pre-k all the way up to competitive leagues. Whether your child is a casual player or is striving to become the best player out there, we can get them started!

Sessions for "Summer Baseball Basics" (grades K-1 or 1-2) are six weeks long (two days a week) and start the week of June 10th.


We offer a variety of programs for all levels of play. Learn the fundamental skills of playing soccer, with a focus on fun and games! Little Falls Community Services always has a soccer offering for you! Join a clinic, one of our school teams, or enjoy a fun class to kick the ball around a bit.

Sessions for “Basic Soccer Skills Camp” (grades 2-3) are fourweeks long (two days a week) and start the week of July 8th.


We offer a variety of courses for a range of skill levels, from just starting out to the varsity team. Tennis lessons are a great opportunity to learn about tennis and stay active!

Sessions for "Summer Tennis" (beginner - advanced) are five weeks long (two days a week) and start the week of June 10th.


Little Falls Community Services youth volleyball programs provide opportunities for kids of all ages to be introduced to the game. They can then continue playing all the way up to the competitive leagues. Many of our offerings are coached in conjunction with our Varsity Volleyball program!

Sessions for "Summer Volleyball" (completed grades 4-8) are six weeks long (two days a week) and start the week of June 10th.


Adult Recreation

This is your opportunity to get active! Explore Adult Recreation classes for volleyball, hall walking, running, or a wide variety of other physical activities. Or maybe you want to pursue a passion after the kids go to bed? Gather together with other adults for a night out? Little Falls Community Services has a great array of adult recreation classes, too.

Current adult recreation offerings that are already open for registration and begin SOON are:
Line Dance Introduction | Running for Adults | Ceramic Painting

Adult Education

Search Adult Education for classes covering a wide range of interests, including things like First Aid basics, gardening, technology, and more! You can expand your knowledge of a current skill, or learn a new one! 

Current adult education offerings that are already open for registration and begin SOON are:
Adult Skin Care | CDL - Commerical Driver's License Training | Sewing

Wondering about a potential new class offering? 

Or have a great idea that you would like to teach? 

Let Little Falls Community Services know!

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