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By Arianna Larson November 17, 2023

At ANMC how can we help you be your best self?

Our clients come to us for many different reasons, some for a yearly health check or a cold, maybe they’re looking for better quality supplements and products, or to utilize our many therapies. Often they are just looking for support in their journey to their healthier self. Most seem to find us because they have an imbalance they’ve been dealing with for a long time. We have carefully curated different programs to suit the needs of everyone. We would like to share an overview of some of the programs we offer.

Retrain The Allergy Brain Program (RAB) is a therapeutic program designed to allow you to move through these nutrition & lifestyle education lessons alongside your program and work with your coach. A new chapter will open up after you've had the session with your coach, but you can (and we highly recommend it) that you come back to these lessons, particularly the homework and skill training, and incorporate them into your life on a regular basis. Retrain the Allergy Brain in clinic program is a 6 month therapeutic program so that we can take the time to get to know and work with your body and all of the experiences that have been recorded in the nervous system and make it act the way it does today. This program is especially for those that have chronic unresolved symptoms and provides easy lifestyle functional and foundational strategies to incorporate into your regular life. Once you purchase the program it's yours for life; you will have access to come back and learn a little bit more each time! Also, we look forward to working with you throughout your life to maintain health & wellness for you and the whole family.

Our Clinical Nutrition Weight Rebalancing program is a 12 month partnering solution for weight challenges.

The truth of it is: diet plans fail every day and there are many reasons for that. This program takes all of those reasons into effect to help you avoid those typical dropouts and follow through towards success. 

The program is broken up into key components to become a “lifestyle” for your success and includes:

● nourishment

● movement

● conceptual work

● gratitude

● intuition

● 1:1 meetings with a health coach

● 1:1 with a therapy modalities specialist

● 1:1 with a corrective exercise specialist

● 1:1 with mindful movement specialist

● 1:1 with a nutritionist

● done For You meal plan

● weekly group sessions

Health is the ultimate goal. This allows us to provide for a weight-neutral, health positive focus where the intention and effort is placed on actions that move towards an individual's best well- being as a whole. The program includes Positivity Bias Training and Intuitive Eating to shift the brain from a loss mind-set to one that is health-promotive as the focus.

Optional Add on Package for Those in Local Distance to Our Centers include:


* 3D imaging

* body fat and bone mass composition

* PNOE metabolic assessment on a cellular level.

These assessments guide the customized protocol and are partnered with curated education modules for success in the long term through the opportunity to learn and apply lifestyle skills. Because of the unique assessments and monitoring, this program works well for general supportive weight and body composition concerns, as well as those that have struggled through multiple diet approaches with no long term success. Our approach teaches skills to live in the real world for a greater chance of retaining your success even after your program is over.

Super excited to announce...Coming in 2024!


BLOOM is for every MOM, whether you are pregnant, postpartum or a mama looking for support-we are here for you! We understand that motherhood is the most beautiful journey we get to experience in life but we also know that that journey is full of many emotions and

challenges. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive and educational environment for moms. No matter where you find yourself or what brought you here, you have at least one thing in common with the other women in this program: you are all women recognizing a growth potential and are at the cusp of it, even if it is painful.

In this program, we believe in the support of women, and building healthy lifestyle habits that are meant to help you establish a new outcome into this new life you are creating. Transitions are all about seeing a new image, handling emotion, releasing expectations, concept therapy, dealing with what is, seeing a new kind of future. We will work through the multiple dimensions of what it means to be a human woman in this world including emotional and cognitive conditioning as well as physical support and restructuring to assist the body's efforts.

This program is meant to support you through your prenatal/postpartum journey! With things like c-section mods, diastasis rectus education, how to feed your baby and your family, dealing with emotions, loving your body and yourself, and natural baby care. This program has something for every step of your journey!

Most importantly, we are sisters supporting each other! Our group format allows for us to learn and grow together and learn from each others' experiences. With this program, you also have access to Individual Consultations and Coaching sessions to use as needed. Best of all this program is brought to you in the comfort of your home!

Physical, emotional, hormonal, and help now managing "all the things."

● Pelvic Floor recovery

● Diastasis Rectus repair

● Mom things

● TH appointments

And be on the look out for mom groups for exercise and yoga, yoga with baby, etc. How exciting!

ANMC Holistic Health is located at: 

114 Kidder St SE
Little Falls, MN 56345

Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Learn more about ANMC on the web here! Or, give them a call at 320-639-0044!

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